For Operations Teams

AI-powered monitoring for operations teams

Maximize efficiency, reduce overhead, and predict operational challenges before they arise.

How many units did we produce last month by product line?

Sure, units produced reached 304k last month, here’s the breakdown:

Comparison of Manufactured Units by Product Line
Total Customers

Which machines in our France plant have more than 20 issues?

For Operations Managers

Bring data, monitoring and forecasting into one app — helping you plan proactively and minimize downtime. With anomaly detection, get alerts 24/7 and use predictive analytics to forecast future interruptions.

For Supply Chain Managers

Improve operational performance with all-in-one monitoring of delivery, inventory and sourcing. With real-time alerts on anomalies and statuses, managers can scale supply chains more efficiently.

Can you alert me about any unplanned production delay in the Zaragoza plant?

Got it! You’ll be alerted of any unplanned production delays in the Zaragoza plant.

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Can you provide me with total production costs over time?

Show me the sales data from Q1 to Q2 for Diana Reuters.

Show me the ranking of agent by sales.

Alert me of any changes in product rankings.