For Finance Teams

AI insights for your financial data.

GPT-N transforms financial reporting with actionable insights. Finance teams can detect anomalies and forecast with confidence.

Show me a breakdown of operating cash flow by company and region.

Sure, the operating cash flow hit $60M, here’s the breakdown:

Comparison of Turnover by Operating Cashflow by Company and Region

Can you break down our staffing expenses by cost area in the IT division this month?

For Finance Directors

Analyze complex financial datasets using AI. With a single source of truth for financial data, directors can make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and predict with greater accuracy.

For Analysts

Dive deeper into data to identify patterns, predict market movements, and create strategies that drive business growth.

Compare budget vs actual by product in the UK for the last four months.

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Can you provide me with total production costs over time?

Show me the sales data from Q1 to Q2 for Diana Reuters.

Show me the ranking of agent by sales.

Alert me of any changes in product rankings.